Single-Port Surgery

What is single-port laparoscopy?

Single-Port Surgery Illustration

Single-port surgery is surgery that is literally performed through a single port - or incision - in a patient's navel (belly button).

Unlike a traditional multi-port laparoscopic approach, single-port surgery leaves only a single small scar. The single-port surgical technique involves introducing all the instruments necessary for the surgery into the abdomen through a single 20 mm incision at the navel, or through only a 11-mm incision at the navel, minimizing the scarring and incisional pain associated with the multiple points of entry used during traditional laparoscopic surgery. The scar produced from the port can be discretely concealed in the navel, and it is no longer visible after a few weeks. This effect and the prospect of less pain, faster recovery and quicker return to the everyday routine make the single port technique increasingly attractive for many surgeons, hospitals and patients.

Comparison of scars after surgery between open surgery, traditional laparoscopy, and single-port surgery

What surgeries can be done?

The following indications are carried out using single port technology in laparoscopic general and abdominal surgery: